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Naturopathic Nutrition Consultations

Initial Consultation (1.5 to 2 hours) £80
Follow Up (up to 1 hour) £40
Three appointment package £144 (Saving of 10% - Recommended option )

The Initial appointment involves taking a thorough health history from birth.
You leave with an explanation of the way forward and a written protocol of recommendations follows by email.
Any optional tests that would be useful are explained, along with suggested supplements.

Please bring with you any recent blood tests, letters of diagnosis, prescription medications or natural remedies being used.
These can also be photographed and sent via dropbox.

Consultations. Neuroflexology guild

Neuroflexology - Rebalance and de-stress

Neuroflexology & relaxation (30 mins) £20

A short, very gentle treatment.
Brief stimulation of specific points on the feet in a precise sequence helps the person notice energetic changes in the body and
engage with a feeling of connecting more deeply with self. Recommended as a series of six treatments.
Tip: Can be given as a calming introduction to the Naturopathic Consultation for nervous or stressed individuals.

All the following sessions are 60 - 90 mins in length and are available online. Fee £50

Consultations. Inner Child Female

Healing the Inner Child

So many patterns are created through our conditioning, we can never be free to flow as an authentic soul, unless we process out all the uncomfortable feelings that we try to suppress and ignore. I use meditative techniques to assist you to engage with your truths and heal (process) any negativity arising from child and teenage years. Be free of "your baggage", feel lighter.

Consultations. Death leaves a heartache - Cornfield

Discussing Death

We live in a society where the one thing that affects every single one of us is just about taboo to talk about. Well death and whatever it means to you can be freely talked about in these sessions.Maybe you have been bereaved and feel you will never get over it, or cannot live with your grief. Maybe you are facing death, and have no reference points for understanding what it means or have deep seated fears about it. Whatever you are feeling you can express in this safe space; gradually perspectives will shift and a light will appear at the end of the tunnel.

Consultations. Who am I?

Soul Flow Sessions

Whatever it is you are working on, contemplating, unraveling, the chances are that at some point you will feel stuck. That's good time to seek a Soul Flow Session. Part meditative/contemplative, part reflective and part coaching, feel your energies & perspectives shift and allow free flow of Soul to be restored.

Financial hardship

If you and your family are experiencing financial hardship, a discount on consultation fees is available on request.

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