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Health Awareness Days

Take a deep dive into your health history which then shines a light on options available. A cost effective introduction to naturopathic approaches in a group setting. Only share what you feel comfortable to share. A little one on one time is available during the day for more personal discussion or a free Neuroflexology session.

10.30am Arrival and Introductions
11am The Workshop Begins
1pm Soup/Salad lunch
4pm Goodbyes

Health Awareness Day Follow On - Ask re availability
The where to go next.....

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Detox Option 1

3 Day Water Fast

Utilise the power of water to start to move toxins from the cells and enable the body systems to work more efficiently.
Recommended as a monthly regime for some people.

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Detox Option 2

5 Day Bowel and Liver/Gall bladder cleanse.

Juicing, supplements and the liver/gall bladder flush facilitated for those for whom it is suitable.

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Keto Me

3 Day "Keto me" try out.

Lots of people want to go Keto, does it work for you? Try it and see.

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Firewalk for Change

Walk on Fire and your life will never be the same again.
Take off the blinkers and know that you are only limited by your beliefs.
Bring those half hearted promises to the fore, make a vow to yourself to commit.

Run in a way that respects nature, fire and the traditional societies who started these communal ceremonies.
This is no bungee jump, this is a chance to connect with something beyond the tangible norm.
Skeptic or romantic, you will all have the chance to leave profoundly moved by your experiences.

If you have a group of people and a suitable venue, I can come to you to make this happen.

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