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The Inner Journey. shimmering tree tall

Introduction to Spiritual Awareness

Can be run for individuals, friends & family or small groups.
Unsure what spirituality is, but want to know more?
Is there a small voice inside trying to be heard?
What is your soul?
What happens when a loved one dies?
Do you have questions that life has never answered?
A way of exploring these themes safely, giving vocabulary and context without taking on a religion or someone else's belief system.


The Inner Journey. spirit mountain vertical

Walking the Path - Spiritual Mentoring

You are on a mission to find your truth.
You are searching and learning all the time.
You need a non judgmental place to talk.
One on one sessions for people to whom their spiritual path is a dedication rather than a hobby.
These sessions may at times be offered as a group event.


The Inner Journey. laughing buddha back garden

Sacred Ceremony

Throughout millennia, the soulful journey has been deepened through sacred ceremony.
Not a prominent part of a western lifestyle, lets give a chance to gather, focus and engage the heart in modern interpretations of ancient practices which unite us with the goodness and beauty of life, connected to "all that is"

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