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Laboratory Tests make for Informed Decisions

When your health has been struggling a while, sometimes it helps to get extra information in the form of lab testing utilising established reputable laboratories. Tests are often much simpler than you would think, frequently, a finger prick blood sample, spot of urine or saliva samples will give reliable results without having a traditional blood draw by a phlebotomist, though this can be arranged if required.

Lab Testing can only be arranged as part of a consultation package to ensure there is time for appropriate associated advice.

Some examples of testing and prices are given below, as prices change, ***be sure to get the up to date price currently quoted by the lab at time of testing. (Prices may go up or down). There are many more tests available, care is taken to choose only the most relevant and cost effective tests for your situation.

Baseline Plus finger prick blood test. £ 79
Inc Advanced Iron £ 85 (Ferritin, Fe, TIBC, Transferrin)
Vit D £ 39
Hs-CRP £ 39

Thyroid Ultra £ 59
(TSH, FT3, FT4, TGAb, TPOAb)
Thyroid UltraVit £ 99
(+ B12, Folate Vit D, CRP-hs, Ferritin)

Hair Mineral Test Analysis £ 69
Mineral ratios, Toxic Metals, Metabolic Type

Blood metals panel £244

Adrenal Function. £ 83
DHEA & Diurnal Cortisol

Fatty Acids. £146
Erythrocytes Blood Test

Comprehensive Thyroid Panel. £310
With I, Se, Br, heavy metals, CK, Creatine

ZRT Elements. £163

Hepatic Detox Profile. £145

Neurotransmitter Basic (6) £156

Urine Iodine (24hr) £ 75

Weight management £361
Sex H’s, HbA1c, Cortisol, DHEA’s TSH

Organic Acids Test (OAT) £256

Stool Analysis with Parasitology. £276

DUTCH Complete (Comprehensive Hormones) £286

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