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I’m Lesley Lord currently practicing as Nourish & Nurture.
For many years I worked as a Podiatrist where I met thousands of patients and saw their lives unfold over time. I was frequently dismayed by the amount of “collateral damage” I witnessed in the prevailing system of healthcare. Frequently pharmaceutical drugs and surgery were the first or only choice for treatments, without any opportunity given to support the body’s innate healing abilities with ntargeted nutrition or traditional remedies. As a result I decided to found Crescent Clinic in Bridgwater, a centre for the public to access many practitioners offering a wide range of natural therapies. It was well loved by both clients and staff.

My life moved on as I became completely dedicated to spiritual exploration and self realisation; an incredibly healing time of awakening and reconnection. Eventually I gave up my day job, and embarked on a period of solitude and reflexion followed by extensive travels. When I returned to England my lifestyle re-oriented to include organic growing, a vegan lifestyle, living in community, supporting detox retreats and vision quests.

Eventually it felt like a full circle completed as I recognised the foundational role of nutrition in health and I decided to study Naturopathy and Nutrition with CNM Bristol and CNM Manchester. Qualifying in December 2019 gives me the opportunity to do what I love most; offering a healing and supportive space for others to find their own solutions to their health challenges.

Hope to see you soon.

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Colleagues & Friends

Debs (Hatha) (Website)
Noelle de Burville (Website)
Wendy Brooking (Website)
All partner with me to bring you private yoga retreats.
Wendy's other talent is natural eco cleaning products and we have a couple of workshops per year.

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